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Although we offer many diverse areas of investigation, we would like to bring some of our unique specializations to your special attention:

- Combating counterfeiting
- International retrieval of financial data
- Tracing persons and (personal) property
- Screening / pre-employment investigation

Our investigations aim to achieve as clear a picture as possible of the (suspicious) facts. (If necessary, we carry out observations and employ technical tools such as cameras and tracking systems.) The diverse areas of investigation include criminal and / or civil cases, the provision of written reports of interrogations, as well as the investigation of recuperation possibilities and proposals for prevention, as well as the entire range of subjects in between.

If necessary, we bring in specialists, such as forensic experts, handwriting experts, and computer specialists.

Other general services include:
- Fraud investigation
- Internal theft and embezzlement investigation
- Internal company investigation
- (Inter-)national investigation involving circumvention of manufacturing rights in the audio and video / film industry
- Employee absenteeism fraud

Alimony investigation:
Our core business consists of supplying company investigation services, but we also offer alimony investigation. The financial consequences of a divorce are often harrowing. And the situation becomes extra sensitive if it turns out that the payment of the alimony is unfair: for instance, if an ex-partner is co-habiting with a new person, and / or has taken a job. Let us determine the validity of your suspicions.


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