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Combating counterfeiting and illegal import:

There are many advantages to free trade and the open border policy in the E.U.. Unfortunately, traders in counterfeit products also profit from this, by successfully copying products released in the market, or by illegally smuggling products destined for non-E.U. countries into the European Union.

Did you know that more than 50,000 container ships arrive on a daily basis in the Belgian, German and Dutch ports, and that the authorities can only check a few dozen of these. Within 24 hours, large numbers of containers are already being transported, and removed from sight.

A low priority is given to combating counterfeiting and illegal importation. There is very little international co-ordination among judicial and police authorities. Fraudulent dealers earn a great deal of money by illegally trading perfume, (sport) clothing, (sport) shoes, CDs and DVDs, medicine, food, watches, ballpoint pens, car parts, etc. This results in annual losses estimated at around 35 billion Euro!

Our unique and effective approach is increasingly recognized by (international) authorities, which results in ever-stronger collaboration opportunities.
The result is that containers with counterfeit and illegally imported products are seized both at home and abroad. Courts in the Netherlands and abroad use the results of our investigations in their furnishing of proof.

Thanks to an approach that entails far more than simply making test purchases, we are frequently capable of effectively safeguarding your (brand) rights. Country borders do not form any obstruction in such a case.


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