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Welcome to Interludium Investigations International

Interludium is an international detective agency established in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, with branch offices in New York, USA; Zeven, Germany; and Antwerp, Belgium.

Thanks to our international network, we are able to supply (business) information as well as trace persons and goods with speed and accuracy. A major part of our activities consists mainly of the combating of counterfeiting and prevention of illegal parallel-import practices.

Why Interludium?
Due to its versatility, experience and expertise, our company offers made-to-measure services. Thanks to both our national and international contacts, we can carry out our investigations with speed, discretion and efficiency. Our priority has always been to handle change with flexibility. We think along with you continually with regard to progress. Our contacts in over twenty countries often lead to favourable results during investigations.

During the period of investigation, we will inform you of the progress as frequently as is necessary, either in writing or in person.


Interludium The Netherlands

Postbus 301
7300 AH Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Phone : + 31 (0)55-3550305
Fax     : + 31 (0)55-3552815
Mobile : + (0)646-388277

Interludium Duitsland

Wilhelmstra�e 14a
61381 Friedrichsdorf

Phone : +31 55 3550305
Mobile :+31 646 388277

Interludium Belgium


Mobile : + 32 (0)471-413533

Interludium United States

215 East 58th St.
New York
United States

Phone : + 31 (0)55-3550305
Fax     : + 31 (0)55-3552815
Mobile : + (0)646-388277

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Interludium FBI

Interludium FBI