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Interludium is a detective agency recognized by the Ministry of Justice, licensed under number 914, with more than 30 years of international knowledge and experience. Experience gained, among others, from detective work carried out with the Amsterdam police and the intelligence services. Our agency has a great deal of international experience in matters concerning the combating of counterfeiting and fraud, financial investigations, the tracking of persons and goods, and the protection of manufacturing rights.

A major part of our activities consists of supplying (financial) business information, as well as screening and tracking persons and goods.

We have developed effective methods in the area of combating counterfeiting, which can be applied to virtually all lines of business. A number of major multinationals make regular use of these methods. (References on demand.)

All investigations and other activities are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations and directives. We guarantee you discretion at all times.

Apart from our four established branches, we also have agencies in:

Spain, Italy, Poland, Luxemburg, France, Greece, China (Hong Kong), Austria, Switzerland, India (New Delhi), the Middle East and the former Eastern bloc, including Romania and the Ukraine.


Interludium The Netherlands

Postbus 301
7300 AH Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Phone : + 31 (0)55-3550305
Fax     : + 31 (0)55-3552815
Mobile : + (0)646-388277

Interludium Duitsland

Wilhelmstra�e 14a
61381 Friedrichsdorf

Phone : +31 55 3550305
Mobile :+31 646 388277

Interludium Belgium


Mobile : + 32 (0)471-413533

Interludium United States

215 East 58th St.
New York
United States

Phone : + 31 (0)55-3550305
Fax     : + 31 (0)55-3552815
Mobile : + (0)646-388277

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Interludium FBI

Interludium FBI